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Moovina - MezzanineMoovina - Mezzanine Moovina - MezzanineMoovina – Mezzanine
Plaza Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ph. +62 21 2992 4567


Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia is one of the pioneer of the luxurious shopping mall in Jakarta. The beginning of the 1990s, Jakartans had a really nice place to hangout. At that time this mall was full of many new brands which were the first international brands in Jakarta, such as, Sogo (the Japanese famous department store), Sogo supermarket, Kinokuniya (the Japanese bookstore), Burger King, and many luxurious fashion brands.

Unfortunately, now Sogo dept. store is not there anymore; however the Sogo supermarket is still present. I really loved this place when I was in childhood because of Kinokuniya, even the interior design I still remember until now ūüôā Now, unfortunately (again) Kinokuniya moved to the mall next door, which is Grand Indonesia (the new shopping mall opposite of Plaza Indonesia).

Burger King in 1990s was not famous and they closed, I think Indonesians were not familiar with fast food. Now, Burger King has re-opened since may be 5 years ago and they are full of customers from young to middle aged Jakartans. Yeah… Jakartans lifestyle have changed now ^_^

The Starbucks Coffee has begun their journey in Indonesia in this Plaza also. I think around 2002 they opened their first branch here. I still remember that I came here with my 2 friends while I was in senior high school in Menteng (school nearby). I wasn’t familiar with Starbucks but I knew it was a famous brand abroad. Since that, I really love drinking Starbucks, esp.¬†Caramel¬†Frappucino ¬†or Javachip Frappucino (the Indonesian style Frappucino you have to try ;p~). To date, Starbucks Coffee just opened their 100th branch in Indonesia, which is located in the library of University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia), Depok.

Pepper lunch is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. Ooooo I really miss their foods @_@”. This is a franchise restaurant from Singapore (if I am not mistaken). This is a¬†Japanese¬†semi¬†fast-food¬†restaurant and the price is quite expensive for¬†fast-food¬†standard. The¬†experience¬†is the one you buy here firstly, and ultimately the food. You just need to choose the food you want from the menu at the counter and pay it, then they will give you this hot plate and you have to “sizzle it your way” as their tagline said ^o^

Plaza Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 ‚Äď 30
Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
Telp : +6221 310-7272
Fax   : +6221 2992-1111