Brightspot Market 10th

 Brightspot Market 10thCreative industries are the future of Indonesia. This statement is so optimistic but I think it is not impossible even we have a minister of creative industries which they are only 2 in the world, i.e. UK and Indonesia. Indonesian youth are very powerful and unsurprisingly, the majority of our population is youth. They are full of energy, idea and very consumptive πŸ™‚

One of the reasons that Indonesian economic situation is quite steady (the economic growth still positive, like China) during the 2008 global crisis is the power of domestic market, which is the middle income class, particularly Indonesian youth. Β That is the reason behind the success of this market. Brightspot market is the best market displaying the Indonesian creative products (even though not 100% local product, but at least the most stuffs here are locals).

I think it is really reasonable that this kind of youth or generation is called the Brightspot Generation πŸ˜‰
 Brightspot Market 10th


Apotek Fortuna (drugstore)

Apotek FortunaThis is an old-fashioned apothecary / drugstore in the old shopping mall (1980’s), Pasar Baru. I think this is the most popular and most crowded drugstore there. You will be amazed if you are there because this is not the only apothecary there, even on the same corridor. There may be couple of drugstores around this store but the others don’t have any buyer at all. That’s why trust is one of the most important marketing tools πŸ™‚

Bakmi Sui Sen (Sui Sen Noodles)

This restaurant has established approx. 20 years ago. I often go here when I was in my primary school because my mother opened a shop in this old shopping mall, Metro Plaza, Pasar Baru. The taste is still awesome until now, my favourites are fried rice (nasi goreng) and chicken noodles (bakmi ayam) (see the pictures above). Nothing change significantly with the interior and the price is reasonable. This restaurant is all about memories in the past, so I really like to visit this restaurant when I am shopping around Pasar Baru. (Pasar baru is the name of a very famous street market in the past).

Bakmi Sui-Sen
Metro Plaza Blok FF No. 1 – 3
Pasar Baru (seberang Gereja Ayam)
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia