Mr. Governor in The Economist

Mr. Joko Goes to Jakarta


Mr Governor in the Monocle Magazine

We just have a new phenomenal couple as the Jakarta’s governor and deputy governor, i.e. Joko Widodo (a.k.a. Jokowi) and Basuki T. Purnama (a.k.a. Ahok). This week is the 4th week of their leadership and they have done many things phenomenal in Jakarta’s bureaucracy.

Why it is really phenomenal? One of the many reasons is that Jakartans have as if 2 powerful governors without overlapping their duty. Jokowi acts as the external leader who is really down to earth and meet the Jakartans, mostly poor Jakartans regularly. While Ahok acts as the internal leader to clean the Jakarta’s internal affairs and budgets. In just within 1 month, they already deliver what they promise during their campaign, which is Kartu Jakarta Sehat (Jakarta health card). This is a powerful card that provides free health services for Jakartans in local health services (Puskesmas) and it can be owned by all Jakarta citizen without looking their economic status.

It is a new thing in Jakarta because the procedure is much simpler than the previous health system for the poor.

Monocle magazine is my favourite international magazine. I just bought the latest issue (Dec 12 / Jan 13) yesterday and I found the article about our lovely governor, so I upload it in this blog immediately.

Additionally, our pride national airways, Garuda Indonesia, has been chosen in this magazine as the airlines which has an innovative on-board service 🙂

Garuda Indonesia has been chosen because they introduced on-board immigration service on selected flights into Jakarta and Bali to eliminate the tedious queue, what an innovative brilliant idea isn’t it? Their next goal is to be a 5-star skytrax airlines by 2014, currently they are rated as 4-star skytrax airlines. So, let’s see 🙂

The Skye

The Skye is a new restaurant, bar and lounge in one of the tallest building in Jakarta. This type of restaurant is quite new in Jakarta, not like Bangkok or Singapore that already have many rooftop semi-outdoor restaurants. This is located in the centre of Jakarta, facing the most famous roundabout in Indonesia, which is Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. This place is owned by Ismaya Group, a company that has many famous cafe, restaurants, bars, and lounges in Indonesia. One of their brands has opened in Dubai, i.e. Social House.

About the food, actually nothing is really special, but I really like the appearance of their dishes, especially the T-Bone steak, which looks very big and fantastic =p~. Undoubtedly, the price here is expensive,and if you want to have a table in outdoor area facing the Jakarta’s skyscrapers, there is a minimum order, which I forget how much it is. This place is really nice for hangout, since currently it is the most popular restaurant in Jakarta 😉The Skye
Menara BCA, 56th Floor
M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Phone (+6221) 2358 6996

Circle K

This is one of the famous 24 hours convenience store in Indonesia. They have been in Indonesia more than a decade ago and you can easily find them in Bali and Jakarta. Now, they try to install many vending machines like 7-Eleven. It is a very common thing in Indonesia that if someone or a company do something great that attract many customers or attention, many companies or people will follow that way. These photos were taken in the Circle K at the Soekarno-Hatta international Airport, so… no wonder that there are so many instant cup noodles in the store 🙂

Circle K
Terminal 3
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Cengkareng, Banten (Jakarta)