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Moovina - MezzanineMoovina - Mezzanine Moovina - MezzanineMoovina – Mezzanine
Plaza Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Do you wanna know how the toilet looks like in the most famous 5-star legendary hotel (since 1960’s) in Jakarta?

Good Morning Jakarta !

The Eye of JakartaSelamat Pagi Jakarta ! This is how we say, ‘Good Morning Jakarta !’ in Indonesian language. This is my first post in my first blog about Jakarta. I hope I can post pictures about Jakarta routinely =P

This is the picture of the biggest and the most famous roundabout in Jakarta, or may be in Indonesia. This is one of the most popular landmarks of Jakarta. We call this roundabout as ‘Hotel Indonesia Roundabout‘ or Bundaran Hotel Indonesia in Indonesian language. It is located in the centre of Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat). This picture was taken from Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Thamrin Boulevard, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.

In the centre of this fountain, you may see a tall statue of 1 male and 1 female welcoming tourists to Jakarta. This statue is known as Tugu Selamat Datang or ‘Welcome Statue’. The white building in front of the fountain is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This roundabout is one of the must seen place in Jakarta; I am really high recommend this place 😉