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Kwetiaw Sapi Akhun

This is a very small Chinese food restaurant around the corner, may be it’s only 4×6 meter. They only have few main dishes there, such as, fried kway teow, char kway teow, fried rice, fried noodles, and etc. The foods in the picture below are kway teow bun and fried rice. The taste of the foods actually are as great as other restaurant, but because the place is small, hot, noisy, (not clean) and very close to the street, all of these sensations make the foods taste more yummy 🙂

I am not  recommend you to eat street foods in Jakarta, if you just visit Jakarta for 2-3 days. You may have these kind of street foods after 1-2 weeks you arrive in Jakarta, to prevent any problem with your stomach. It depends on which street foods you visit and how clean are the foods in your country.

So, give your stomach a few days time to adjust with the real Indonesian street foods cuisine and I guarantee you will be highly addicted to it, enjoy Jakarta  😉 

Kwetiaw Sapi Akhun
Jl. Pademangan Raya
Jakarta Utara 14410

Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I

Jakartans like to have a very late dinner or snack, usually at 10-12 pm. Not many restaurants that open ’till late nite. This is one of the best restaurant to have a meal after 11 because it is not a heavy meal. The main dish is just a chicken rice porridge. Actually, their rice porridge is just an ordinary porridge; but the ones that make it special are the side dishes that you eat together with the porridge, such as boiled chicken, chicken liver, chicken intestines, roast ducks, black egg ( I don’t know the name in English), etc.

I highly recommend you to come to this restaurant for a late dinner 🙂

Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I
Mangga besar I no. 46A,
Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 6280474


Otak-otak (fish cake)

This is a type of snack usually found in the school. We called it otak-otak. I don’t know why they called it otak-otak, because otak means brain in fact this is not a brain, but it is a fish cake which we usually dip it in the hot peanut sauce Hmm… yummmyy… it is very cheap, it may be less than 50 pence 🙂

However, just be careful if you want to try the street foods in Jakarta. I suggest you to buy street foods only if you have been in Jakarta for couple of days, so your stomach will not get shock in the first week 😛

Enjoy Jakarta street foods 😉

Dapur Rampok Laut Rica-Rica Manado (seafood street restaurant)

This is one of my favourite seafood street restaurant in Sunter, Jakarta Utara. This is a Manado seafood restaurant. Manado is the capital city in Sulawesi Island. The restaurant is quite small and only open at night (may be around 6pm). The best thing of this restaurant is the chili, Rica-rica chili, which is very Manado. The ingredients are very fresh because my father had a chit-chat with the owner and from the conversation, it seems that the owner wants to give the best for his customers by delivering fresh food as well as hygienic and healthy cook.

If you like seafood and you like chilli, try this restaurant and you will not regret 🙂

Dapur Rampok Laut Rica-rica Manado
Jalan Danau Sunter Utara
(opposite Sunter river and KIA mobil showroom)
Jakarta Utara