Brightspot Market 10th

 Brightspot Market 10thCreative industries are the future of Indonesia. This statement is so optimistic but I think it is not impossible even we have a minister of creative industries which they are only 2 in the world, i.e. UK and Indonesia. Indonesian youth are very powerful and unsurprisingly, the majority of our population is youth. They are full of energy, idea and very consumptive πŸ™‚

One of the reasons that Indonesian economic situation is quite steady (the economic growth still positive, like China) during the 2008 global crisis is the power of domestic market, which is the middle income class, particularly Indonesian youth. Β That is the reason behind the success of this market. Brightspot market is the best market displaying the Indonesian creative products (even though not 100% local product, but at least the most stuffs here are locals).

I think it is really reasonable that this kind of youth or generation is called the Brightspot Generation πŸ˜‰
 Brightspot Market 10th


Papabubble – Caramels Artesans


Papabubble – Caramels Artesans
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1
Skybridge Level 3A, Unit FD07-A.
Jakarta 10310 – Indonesia
Phone: 021 – 2358 0480
Mobile: 0821 1387 0888
Fax: 021 – 8378 1161
BB: 2934A04F

Apotek Century (drugstore)

Apotek CenturyPrevious post I talked about old-fashion drugstore (80’s-90’s), but this post is about a modern type of drugstore that popular on the last decade. It’s a franchise type of apothecary, clean, bright, self-service, professional, and simple. This one of the local brands of famous drugstore in Indonesia, esp. Jakarta.

Dental Health Centre ClinicApotek Century
Dental Health Centre
Jalan Griya Utama Blok A No. 46-48
Komplek Griya Inti Sentosa, Sunter,
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Ph. (021) 651 8601