Ariah – Drama & Musical Theatre Performance

The biggest colossal drama and musical theatre performance in Jakarta (may be in Indonesia) to celeberate 486th anniversary of Jakarta will be performed at the end of this June. It will be performed on the biggest stage in Indonesia located in the heart of Jakarta. This special event involves 200 dancers and 120 musicians. This show is directed by the best Indonesian artists, Atilah Soeryadjaya, Jay Subyakto, and Erwin Gutawa.
Ultimately, this performance is initiated by the most well-known figures in Jakarta (or Indonesia), Mr. governor, Joko Widodo 🙂

28-30 June 2013, 7pm
Monas, Central Jakarta


Flash mob during Jakarta Governor Candidates’ Campaigns

This is a truly creative campaign by one of the governor candidates’ campaigns, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Basuki (Ahok). Their team has a really brilliant innovative and creative idea to campaign. We just hope that there will be a new hope and change in Jakarta after September 20th (the election day) 🙂

Pasar Tradisional (traditional market)

This is one of the traditional market in Jakarta. This video is an official video clip from a great Indie group band “Payung Teduh”. I really like their type of songs, which is very relaxing and peaceful as well as the vocalist has a quite unique voice. The video is took place at a market in Kebayoran Lama. Enjoy the video and the song 😉