Bandung: Indonesia’s High Altitude Hub Of Craft, Creativity And Cooler Living

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Nanny’s Pavillon

the nanny epicIndonesia is not only Jakarta and Bali. We have Bandung !! Bandung is a creative city, the most creative city in Indonesia 😉 In my opinion there are 4 creative cities in Indonesia, first Bandung, second Jakarta, third Jogjakarta, and fourth Bali. When you visit Bandung, you will feel the atmosphere of youth, creativity, and hospitality 🙂 (and it’s also well-known that Bandung girls are beautiful).

I am not from Bandung, but I love Bandung and I would like to introduce Bandung to every people in this world, and through internet I try to give my little contribution for Bandung. I would be really grateful if somebody from Bandung can make a blog like this using the name “Good Morning Bandung”. I will give my permission of my logo to that person, because I cannot update or post the very recent hang out place in Bandung (since I am not living in Bandung).

Ooopps I forget to review this restaurant 😛 This restaurant has been established in Bandung, and in the last recent years, they open in their branch in Jakarta also which I posted in this blog few months ago.

If you’re in Indonesia, come n visit Bandung, and you will enjoy the culinary and creativity experience there 😉
the nanny 2 epicNanny’s Pavillon Garden
Jalan R.E Martadinata No. 112
(Jalan Riau – Jalan Aceh)
West Java 40114
Ph. (+6222) 91752373

Padma Hotel

Padma Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotel in Bandung, West Java. Bandung is located 3 hours from Jakarta by car. This hotel has an incredible forest view. If you book the most expensive room, you may have a really great view to the forest as if you’re isolated by the forest. The service is really nice and you can find the truly Indonesian hospitality here. The breakfast is also fantastic, so many choice, from Indonesian traditional food and drinks to intercontinental breakfast.

Staying in this hotel, you definitely want to come back again one day 🙂 It is highly recommended if you want to escape from Jakarta 😉

Padma Hotel
Jl. Ranca Bentang 56-58 Ciumbuleuit
Bandung 40142
Phone: +62 22 203 0333
Fax: +62 22 203 6633