Nanny’s Pavillon

the nanny epicIndonesia is not only Jakarta and Bali. We have Bandung !! Bandung is a creative city, the most creative city in Indonesia 😉 In my opinion there are 4 creative cities in Indonesia, first Bandung, second Jakarta, third Jogjakarta, and fourth Bali. When you visit Bandung, you will feel the atmosphere of youth, creativity, and hospitality 🙂 (and it’s also well-known that Bandung girls are beautiful).

I am not from Bandung, but I love Bandung and I would like to introduce Bandung to every people in this world, and through internet I try to give my little contribution for Bandung. I would be really grateful if somebody from Bandung can make a blog like this using the name “Good Morning Bandung”. I will give my permission of my logo to that person, because I cannot update or post the very recent hang out place in Bandung (since I am not living in Bandung).

Ooopps I forget to review this restaurant 😛 This restaurant has been established in Bandung, and in the last recent years, they open in their branch in Jakarta also which I posted in this blog few months ago.

If you’re in Indonesia, come n visit Bandung, and you will enjoy the culinary and creativity experience there 😉
the nanny 2 epicNanny’s Pavillon Garden
Jalan R.E Martadinata No. 112
(Jalan Riau – Jalan Aceh)
West Java 40114
Ph. (+6222) 91752373


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