Thousand Islands

Do you know that Jakarta has many islands?
Yes we do have, we call that chain of islands as Thousand Islands. They are located in the north of Jakarta.
Of course they are not consist of 1000 islands, but there are many small islands and we just called them “Thousand Islands” and each of the island has its own name, such as, Ayer Island, Bidadari Island, Putri Island, Gosong Pandan Island, and many more.


3 thoughts on “Thousand Islands

    • Thanks for your comment. I haven’t heard about Pulau Macan, but for sure it will be my next destination then. I hope the new governor will do more branding and positioning for this beautiful Thousand Islands 🙂

  1. When going to the islands remember that most things are scare apart from seafood, so bring with you some little luxuries. This is the perfect escape from the noise and congestion of Jakarta, Thousand Islands are accessible, diverse and right on your doorstep.

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