Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I

Jakartans like to have a very late dinner or snack, usually at 10-12 pm. Not many restaurants that open ’till late nite. This is one of the best restaurant to have a meal after 11 because it is not a heavy meal. The main dish is just a chicken rice porridge. Actually, their rice porridge is just an ordinary porridge; but the ones that make it special are the side dishes that you eat together with the porridge, such as boiled chicken, chicken liver, chicken intestines, roast ducks, black egg ( I don’t know the name in English), etc.

I highly recommend you to come to this restaurant for a late dinner đŸ™‚

Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I
Mangga besar I no. 46A,
Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 6280474



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