7-Eleven Wahid Hasyim

Yap, its 7-Eleven, the 24 hours convenience store, again. This is the second time that I wrote in this blog (the first article = https://goodmorningjakarta.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/7-eleven-menteng/) because according to this blog’s statistic, there are many visitors come to this blog just looking for 7-Eleven and its vending machine. So, I hope you enjoy these few pictures that were taken in another branch of 7-Eleven in Jakarta.

Enjoy 24 hours lifestyle in Jakarta \^0^/

Jalan Kyai Haji Wahid Hasyim No. 79 (Menteng)
Jakarta Pusat 10340
+62 21 3144354


One thought on “7-Eleven Wahid Hasyim

  1. Pelayan toko & kasir 7 11 @wahid hasyim 79 sama sekali tdk sopan, cuek, galak dan customer disuruh mencari barang sendiri. Harus di training kembali bagaimana cara melayani customer dg baik, sopan dan bersahabat

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