Hakata Ikkousha

Japanese noodles or ramen is quite booming in Jakarta right now due to this restaurant. Actually, there is Ramen 38 (San Pa chi) before this, but it is not as phenomenal as this restaurant. This is a franchised restaurant from Japan and they opened the first branch in Jakarta at Muara Karang. Hmmm… in Jakarta, opening a franchised restaurant which is not in a mall is a ridiculous thing to do. But surprisingly, it really works !!! It always full of people every single day even though it’s not a new restaurant anymore.

The picture below is their most recommended ramen, which called Special Pork Ramen. Firstly, I am really interested on how this restaurant can be so crowded with people, so I am really curious with the taste of this ramen.

Definitely, I began with the soup because the noodles was still hot. It was very oily. I take a full spoon of the soup…

and……. WOOOOHOOOOOOO….. !!!! IT REALLY NICEEE !!!!! Mann!!! it is the best ramen soup I’ve ever tasted in my life (lebay mode on).  Suddenly, it reminds me to my most favourite chicken noodles in the street near my primary school in Ancol (Mie Udin). Undoubtedly, the ramen was also great. So I highly recommend this ramen for you who eat pork !!!


The worst thing in this restaurant is that all the waitresses were shouting all the time and it looks they have no Indonesian hospitality. I know that their boss definitely ask them to shout like in Japanese Restaurant, but I really hate it. You can copy and deliver Japanese way in other way but not that way.

Hakata Ikkousha
Jalan Muara Karang Raya No. 85
Jakarta Utara
Ph.(021) 66600255


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