Bubble tea? Is it still hip? Absolutely not in Jakarta right now. In the beginning of 2000 definitely yes. At that time, there are so many stalls sold a bubble tea, such as, Quickly, Bo Bo Cup, and many more (I already forgot the brands).

Before the bubble tea era, Crepes is the most popular snack among Jakartans. Self-service bakery (Bread talk, breadlife, bread story, etc.), donuts (J.Co, Krispy Creme, etc.), and yoghurt (Sour Sally, Red Mango, Heavenly Blush, etc) are the recent popular snacks.

Opening a bubble tea stall? today in Jakarta ??!! THEY MUST BE MAD !! (that’s what in my mind spontaneously when my friends invited me to hang out in her friend’s bubble tea cafe). The second thing that made me shocked was that they open a bubble tea cafe not in a mall, whereas in a street, which is definitely uncommon place for introducing a bubble tea business to Jakartans.

To be honest, when my friend invite me to hang out in a bubble tea cafe, I wanted to refuse and asked her to choose another hip place around Pluit, North Jakarta. But, I just followed her suggestion to go to this place.

Then, after I arrived…

Woooowwww…. I am really amazed with the interior design !!! It’s really chic and cool. The furnitures and decoration are really unique and I think the owner or the designer must be really care in detail, because I couldn’t fine any spot which is unpleasant. All the spot in that cafe are fantastic. WoW !!! (that’s what in my mind spontaneously when I opened the entrance door). Look at the chairs, tables, light, sink, floor, etc.).

Unsurprisingly, I heard from my friend that the owner is an interior designer graduated from the States. No wonder !

The bubble tea we ordered were very nice. It’s not like an ordinary low quality bubble tea. It’s made from fresh ingredient. If you want to have a chit-chat with your friends and you’re in Pluit, Muara Karang, or Pantai Indah Kapuk (North Jakarta), I highly recommend this place and enjoy the interior design 😉

Ruko Crown Golf B2
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia 11150


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