Rumah Makan Sedap (Sedap Restaurant)

Rumah Makan Sedap is an authentic Wo Thie restaurant. They started they business since decades ago and I knew this place from my lovely uncle. I believed that my parents had to be in this place when they were young. The uniqueness of this restaurant is that it just provides 3 types of main dishes, namely Wo Thie  (Chinese dumpling), U Siang Niu Ju (a dish consists of pig’s ear, pig’s liver, pig’s intestine, bean curd, and cucumber), and Sui Kiau (Chinese dumpling). The spelling I just followed from their box, I definitely don’t know how to spell the name of these Chinese dishes.

I like the ambience because it is so Chinese-Indonesian 70’s-80’s style 🙂

Rumah Makan Sedap

Jalan Gunung Sahari I No. 19
Jakarta Pusat


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