McDonald’s Sarinah

McDonald’s Sarinah is the first McDonald’s restaurant in Indonesia which opened on 22nd Febuary 1991. I think it was the biggest McDonald’s in Jakarta for their first decade. I still remember that they had a very huge baloon of Ronald McDonald’s sitting on top of the Sarinah Office Building.

This was my most favourite hang-out when I was a child because I had tons of beautiful memories with my family. We usually went there almost every Saturday after my father just finished working at late of night (around 10pm) because this is one of the few 24 hours restaurant in Jakarta at that time. The most favourite menu of course happy meal !! I was really happy to have their present. Strawberry or chocolate milkshake was also my favourite and I always dipped the french fries in this milkshake 🙂 I really miss my childhood 😥

Then, since my high school was so close to this restaurant which just take 10 minutes on foot, so I usually went here with my friends, just to buy some ice cream cone which is very cheap (Rp. 1500,- or 20p). After buying some cone we usually went around Sarinah shopping mall to buy some cassete or VCD. oooohh… noo… now I really miss my high school moment, it was the unforgettable moment of my life 😥

Even though it’s just a fastfood restaurant, but I always be so emotional if I remember this McDonald’s 😥

McDonald’s Sarinah
Jl. Moh.Thamrin No. 11
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


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