Ocha & Bella

Ocha & Bella is a mixed Japanese and Italian restaurant. It has a unique concept because of this mixed food and beverages menu between 2 different countries in different continents which is in my opinion is very risky in managing the customer’s satisfaction. Customers like me will think that if I order Japanese food, I cannot expect too much because they are not specialist in Japanese food and if I order Italian food, I should not expect too much because they are not focus in Italian.

This restaurant is a part of Morrison Hotel (Citadines was the former name). The hotel looks very modern and great. I really love the design of the hotel. When I entered the Ocha & Bella, it impressed me as well with their interior design and decorations. Perfect for dating 😉

However, it’s not my lucky day, the waitress said that they had a problem with their kitchen, so they could serve only certain foods and no Japanese foods. So I couldn’t comment any Japanese food here. For their Italian food, I think all foods that I ordered were pretty nice and the best of all was their food display. The food display was really beautiful, especially the dessert. Tiramisu I liked the best, I really recommend this tiramisu, the taste actually it was just a tiramisu but once again, I really liked how they present it. The bad thing here is the food portion is too small, especially for male 😦

They also have an outdoor area, and it has a really cooooooll design !!!

Ocha & Bella
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 70
Menteng, Jakarta 10340

ph: +62 (21) 310 5777


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