Blitzmegaplex Cinema

Blitzmegaplex is the coolest cinema in Indonesia. This may not be the biggest cinema in this country but they deliver a different experience and atmosphere. I heard that this cinema originated from Singapore (different brand); however, in Singapore there is no cinema better than this. Even if you compare to the cinemas in London, they are nothing compare to Blitzmegaplex.

Can you imagine?? There is a cinema with a sleeping bed inside the studio ?? A cinema where there is a dining table inside ?? and ultimately, the price is very cheap if you compare it to other developed countries.

For instance, if you want to watch a movie in London, you may spend around USD 17 for a standard seat. In Blitzmegaplex, with USD 17 you can have a VIP sleeping bed and blanket (perfect place for dating right :P). For the standard seat, you just need to spend around USD 5.

However, what I really really really hate about this cinema is that they will check you in detail at the entrance whether you bring foods or drinks from outside or not. They will open your bags and check it with the light. And it ruins all the experience they built !!! They try to gain profit as much as they can by forbidding their customer to bring foods or drinks outside and forcing the customer to buy it at their store.

It ruins the customer loyalties !!!

These are their branches in Jakarta:

  • Grand Indonesia 
  • Pacific Place 
  • Mall of Indonesia
  • Central Park 


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