Mad for Garlic

Mad for Garlic ?? hmmm…. a restaurant with most of the food are sooo garlic… unbelievable !! If you don’t like garlic, of course this musn’t be in your list. Honestly, I am not a garlic maniac but after I tried the food here…. o gooshh… it’s fantastic !!! it really smelt garlic undoubtedly, but the taste is superb =p~ Really… you have to try it!! unforgettable hahahaha….

The pizza was yummy, garlicholic was astonishing, garlic steak was superb, pasta was ok, for the rest I ate was standard. The most surprising is the garlic bread. It is not like a usual garlic bread we can find in pizza hut; it is a plan bread with an intact garlic -__-” can you imagine?? you eat the bread and 1 whole garlic. I gave up ! I just could eat the bread with the garlic oil (otherwise my girlfriend would kill me that night if I ate that garlic). Another interesting thing is the garlic steak. Steak with garlics on top of it ????!! It is really weird for a western steak. But… after I ate that steak……hmmm….. nyam nyamm… really nice…. great taste with a tender meet.

Actually, there are several menu that are less garlic or without garlic you can choose, but of course there’s no point to come to this restaurant without eating their recommended garlic food. Even for the dessert, they have an ice cream with garlic sprinkle.  ???????? unbelievable. This restaurant is really MAD…..mad for garlic.

Mad for Garlic restaurant is originated from Korea (11 stores), and they also have a branch in Singapore (Suntec city). In Indonesia, they open their branch in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

It is a highly recommended restaurant 😉 (esp. for the garlic maniac)

Mad For Garlic Jakarta
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall – Ground Floor-20A
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta 10310
Telpon: (62 21) 2358 1076
Fax: (62 21) 2358 1079


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