Jakarta Gourmet – Jakarta’s Top 100 Restaurants 2011-2012

Do you wanna know about Jakarta’s best culinary? You MUST buy this book !!! I am really surprised that this guidebook is really up to date and represents Jakarta’s Top restaurants. I don’t like to read, I just enjoy looking at the photos. From this book, I know new restaurants in Jakarta, such as, Amuz, Tin Pan Alley, Jackrabbit, Smoking joe’s BBQ & Lounge, Lyon, and many more. The price of this book is around Rp.50.000-60.000,- or USD 6.

I thought the restaurant guide book like this was not reliable because the owner of the restaurant can pay the author to write about their restaurant in the book. However, I think this book is different, they look professional and competent in reviewing cafe, bar, restaurants, and lounge. Alternatively, you can visit their website and find the top lists there at http://www.gourmet-asia.com/jakarta/index.html . Unfortunately, the website is not up to date 😦

If you are new in Jakarta and wanna try Jakarta’s top culinary (Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, American, French, Italian, etc.), I highly recommend this book !! and enjoy Jakarta 😉


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