Kopitiam Oey (Oey’s Cafe)

This is a small restaurant / cafe owned by a famous culinary specialist in Indonesia, Bondan Winarno. He often appears in national TV. This restaurant is known as Kopitiam Oey and it is located just around 1 km from the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. The term Kopitiam is originated from Chinese (Hokkien); In Indonesia we call it warung kopi, which means small cafe. 

The following paragraph are the quotes from their website:

Samoewa harga koedoe ditamba 10% padjek oentoek gouvernement
Djam boeka : 07.00-21.30
Semoea kopi panas disadjikan dengen satoe gelas air ijs
Ada sedia boengkoesan oentoek bolenja makanan dibawa poelang
Ada sedia goela palsoe oentoek jang diabet

They have a very creative tagline, which is ‘If you’re not satisfied, please tell us; however, if you’re satisfied, please tell the others’ ^_^. This cafe open from 7am until 9.30pm. They provide food and beverages from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malay (we call it Peranakan Cuisine). You can see the menu in their website including the price.

Jl H Agus Salim 18
Jakarta Pusat – 10340
Ph. +6221 3924475


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